Munich, I’mma Let You Finish, But…

Late into the night, as the shops and restaurants were closing in downtown Munich, a band called “White,” set up shop and started performing. The band was very small, being only composed of a guitarist, percussionist, and a stand-up bass player. They sang several songs in English, including a cover of Here Comes the Sun by the Beatles, ironically as the sun was setting. After a while, one of the band members called out to the audience for requests. Any song, any genre, except for 3 that the band explained that they refused to play; none of which I knew. As I was standing in the front row I saw the opportunity, briefly hesitated, and then asked them to play a song by Taylor Swift.

In response, some members of the audience laughed, a few shouted an encouraging “yes!” and the band members looked a little confused. The guitarist then looked at the audience for a while and said “no more requests” and then proceeded to play Clocks by Coldplay. It was such a good cover that I’m not even disappointed that they didn’t take my request.

This band played into the night, with several other covers including Hotel California and Wonderwall. As they continued to sing the more people past by. Some people just walked past, but many stayed, or danced, or took pictures, or videotaped the band. And as the evening progressed, more and more people gathered and stayed and laughed.

As I was standing there in the crowd, I thought there was something almost magical about this scene; where 3 individuals could do something to make at least a hundred people from different cultures and walks of life come together to sing and clap and cheer in unison.


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